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Art of Cathy Alameda

Convention profile sample site. I create and sell original items featuring some cute (and sometimes creepy things) as prints, keychains, artbooks and more. And of course, some fanart too! What I bring to artist alleys change according to its guidlines.  

Ohayocon artist alley portfolio page! A sample of my original work that i plan on bringing if I am able to attend! My collection mainly includes cute creepy things and some aesthetic, soft pastel gore characters!


(the only photos containing fanart are the table set-up photos, which of course I will not be bringing. I will be using a similar table set-up though) 


-Convention Prep!

-Spring/Summer Line!

-Travel Zine


Any questions about freelance or projects?

Email: radjinjastudios@gmail.com


-MCM Glascow


-Anime NYC 


-Holiday Matsuri

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